Relay protection tester is an ideal instrument for calibrating relay protection devices

time: 2022-12-07

1、 Overview
Relay protection tester is a newly developed high intelligent and multi-functional relay protection calibration instrument based on the original WH-JBC-9205B.
This instrument adopts single chip microcomputer technology and is composed of automatic synchronization digital millisecond meter, logic control unit, multi-function digital display unit, high-precision data acquisition and processing unit, current and voltage output unit, overload and over range protection unit, etc. It has its own printing and display. The testing process is fully automatic, greatly improving the measurement accuracy and working efficiency.
The instrument also has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reliable performance, simple operation, complete functions, etc. It is an ideal instrument for calibrating relay protection devices.
2、 Function
1. This machine can test various AC/DC, current, voltage, intermediate, self holding
No. and other single relays and the whole set of relay protection screens can test the pull in voltage (current) value, release voltage (current) value, pull in time and break time of various contacts (normally open, normally closed, conversion, delay) of various relays, automatically test three times and store the number, automatically calculate the return coefficient of the three mean values and print them, and repeat the display and print the test
2. The machine can easily test various parameters of the reclosing relay.
3. The machine is equipped with frequency and phase measurement functions, which can measure the frequency display of current and voltage
Shows the time of a cycle, that is, the cycle and the phase difference (time) between two signals.
4. The machine is equipped with two independent channels, which are insulated from other outputs of the machine
The live contact shall be measured locally to meet the online test of relay, with simple and safe wiring.
5. This machine adopts a precise timing benchmark of 10 microseconds and a 100 hour
The counter can be used as a precision millisecond meter to replace the traditional stopwatch.
3、 Features
1. Because the machine is controlled by a microcomputer, there are only 16 touch switches on the panel,
It can easily complete various test functions, and changes the disadvantages of the old relay protection instrument that the power must be turned off and multiple switches can be switched to switch the power type. The operation is simple. The machine is also equipped with self inspection and error reporting functions, which greatly facilitates inspection and maintenance.
2. The machine is equipped with comprehensive self inspection and self-protection functions, which can be switched on immediately after the machine is turned on
In case of overload and over range, the protection circuit will quickly cut off the output and send out audible and visual alerts, greatly reducing unnecessary losses caused by misoperation.
3. The machine is highly intelligent. Just press one key to measure all parameters of the universal relay and automatically print all data, freeing you from the complicated test operation.
4. The display screen of this machine has a functional display unit, which can clearly reflect this
The working state of the machine.
5. All data printed by the machine are in Chinese characters, such as "pull in voltage", "disconnect voltage", "normally open pull in time", etc.
6. Measure the AC "live contact". The computer judges whether the AC zero crossing or contact action is through a special circuit to make the test accurate.